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Priorities for Our Schools

1) Continue and enhance district’s legacy and commitment to educational excellence.


Our district is high-achieving school district with a record of outstanding achievement both in and out of the classroom. Thanks to our students, teachers, parents and leaders.  


Sakawdin will continue to work hard for our district in maintaining and continuing this achievement.  He has the experience in approving funds and serving board for high-impact educational grants and programs in our state.


2) Bring parents’ view, and fresh diverse voices to the School Board in this challenging time that we are all facing.


In order to find solutions and face the emerging challenges, we need fresh ideas and new approach.  Sakawdin will provide new perspectives as parent with 4 children in the school district and 1 upcoming future district student as well as 1 Eagan High School graduate who is now freshman in college.


3) Be a voice for our teachers.


As a lifelong learner and offspring of schoolteacher/ administrator, Sakawdin understands the importance of our teachers and investment in our classrooms.  He will put our teachers first and ensure that they are taken care of, so they can take care our students.


We are all product of teachers one way or another.  We need to support our teachers, so they can support our students. We all had teachers at one point in our lives. We are as good and as educated as our teachers, the quality and the support our teachers get matters.  Sakawdin will commit in teacher satisfaction, appreciation, success and development.


4) Help improve equity in our education delivery for all our students and support teachers and staff equitably.


Sakawdin has been community advocate and a bridge builder.  He will build trust between all district members, and parents especially those new to our community.  He will commit and ensure district’s educational equity and support its implementation, so all students and staff have equitable access to all opportunities that our district offers.

Values: Cooperation, Partnership, Diversity & Equality

- Foster cooperation and the partnership of teachers, administration, parents and students as crucial to the achievement of mutual goals.


- Celebrate and value diversity of culture, religion, ethnicity and socio-economic background.

- Actively engage in the creation of nurturing environment and the promotion of empathy, equity, mutual respect, and service to others.

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